Pre-owned CSI NY / NCIS / Homeland tv-series DVDs in Sims Avenue, East Singapore for sale

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A fan of these tv-series looking to buy these from owners who have viewed them and now want to dispose of them. Discs (Region-3 preferred, but may consider Region-1) should be in decent working condition i.e. playable / watchable in its ENTIRETY PLEASE (have had the misfortune of buying 2nd-hand DVDs with the occasional odd disc/s that couldnt play, and u know how exasperating that can be when u are midway thru an episode)?
- CSI NY Seasons 3 + 4
- NCIS Seasons 10 + 11 (starring Mark Harmon, N-O-T Chris O'Donnell)
- Homeland Seasons 2 + 3 + 4
- The Killing from Season 1 onwards (USA version, N-O-T Denmark's)
- The Bridge from Season 1 onwards (USA version, N-O-T Denmark/Sweden's)
Please email your offer (REASONABLE & REALISTIC) to: